How To Use a 3-D Printer

There are about 3 dozen important characteristics that are used when using a 3D printer.  Our class will take students through the 3D printing process from beginning to end, starting with an overview of the parts of the printer and the different types of plastic filament used.  The course will use a Ultimaker as the basis for learning how to set up, calibrate and operate a 3D printer.  After learning the basics then you can take our next class, which is making your own designs.

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CAD Design

We'll teach you how to navigate through the world of Cad/Cam design.  This will deal with both 2d or 3d objects that you can print out on our 3D Printers.  Bring your laptop if you wish to download the CAD software you'll be using.

Sign up now.  Registration is open and classes are forming.  Class: $45